50 Trams for Melbourne



Melbourne has one of the world’s best tram systems.

But with our city’s population growing by 1,800 people each week, our trams are bursting at the seams, particularly in Prahran where routes are filled over capacity.

The Greens are calling on the State Government to order 50 new trams in the upcoming state budget to fix overcrowding and create jobs in high skilled manufacturing.

The additional 50 E-class trams manufactured in Victoria will:

  • Increase capacity on our tram network by an extra 10,500 passengers per day
  • Create around 500 jobs in high skilled manufacturing and local supply chains
  • Make tram travel more accessible for elderly passengers, people living with a disability or travelling with prams.

Together we can build a public transport system you can rely on and create jobs in a smart, clean, innovative economy.

Please join me in demanding the State Government build 50 additional trams to reduce overcrowding and create jobs by signing the petition. 

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If you have any questions about this issue, please contact my office at sam.hibbins@parliament.vic.gov.au or 9981 9501.


Latest news and updates

Victorian Budget Reply 2016

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — I rise to give the budget reply on behalf of the Victorian Greens and the residents of Prahran and not only to give our response to the state government's budget but also to outline our vision and our plan for Victoria. Victoria really is a great place to call home. That is why so many people from interstate and around the world are moving in and coming to Victoria. Now is the time to have the vision and courage to take the next big steps for Victoria: to make the transition to an economy powered by clean energy; to shift to mass transit with a public transport system you can rely on, away from traffic and clogged roads; and to create the new jobs of a 21st century economy to ensure our communities remain livable. It is clear from this budget, just as it has been clear from previous budgets, that Victorians cannot trust the Labor Party or the Liberal Party to deliver on that transition.

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In the news: Represent on SYN Radio

RepresentOver the weekend I spoke to Represent on SYN about my take on the state budget, progress on the Prahran State Secondary School and my notice of motion in parliament to support marriage equality. Listen to my interview here.


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My budget reply


 It is a real privilege to be able to talk on the Appropriation (2015-2016) Bill 2015 not only in order to give a budget reply but also to outline the vision of the Greens. We are not here to be just a second opposition; we are here to set a high standard and outline our clear vision for Victoria. Our vision is based on fairness, opportunity and equality with an economy that is clean, smart and innovative and that creates meaningful jobs.






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Thursday, April 23rd 2015

Victorian Greens MPs, Sam Hibbins MLA, Nina Springle MLC, and Samantha Dunn MLC gathered at Dandenong’s Bombardier factory today, to call on the government to commit to ordering an additional 50 trams as part of their contract options with Bombardier.

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