Club members are the lifeblood of our footy clubs but too many miss out on Grand Final day.

Let's double the number of Grand Final tickets available to competing club members to make sure more fans, not corporates, can experience footy’s biggest day.

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AFL Grand Final tickets

Mr Hibbins (Prahran) — My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Tourism and Major Events. The action I seek is that the minister use his powers under the Major Sporting Events Act 2009 to allocate more tickets for competing club members in next year's AFL Grand Final.

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Melbourne and Olympic Parks Amendment Bill 2016

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — I rise to speak on the Melbourne and Olympic Parks Amendment Bill 2016, which changes the reservation status of Crown land in relation to the Tanderrum Bridge to the Melbourne and Olympic Parks Trust. This is a pedestrian and cycling bridge that is connecting Birrarung Marr to the Melbourne Park precinct, which has been discussed by previous speakers, and is undergoing a significant and substantial redevelopment.

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Greens call for Government to amend AFL Grand Final ticket scheme

Greens sport spokesperson Sam Hibbins has called on the State Government to amend the AFL Grand Final ticket scheme to allocate more tickets to competing club members.

“The AFL is raking in profits from the Grand Final. It’s time they gave back to fans by increasing the ticket allocation to competing club members,” Sam Hibbins said.

“Just 30 per cent of Grand Final tickets are allocated to competing club members while the AFL cashes in on corporate tickets.

“It’s a slap in the face to loyal club members that corporate tickets worth thousands are already on sale.

“The Minister for Tourism and Major Events has powers within the Major Sporting Event Act to change how tickets are allocated for the AFL Grand Final.

“The Minister must step in and to make sure more club members can experience footy’s biggest day,” he said.

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Victorian Budget Reply 2016

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — I rise to give the budget reply on behalf of the Victorian Greens and the residents of Prahran and not only to give our response to the state government's budget but also to outline our vision and our plan for Victoria. Victoria really is a great place to call home. That is why so many people from interstate and around the world are moving in and coming to Victoria. Now is the time to have the vision and courage to take the next big steps for Victoria: to make the transition to an economy powered by clean energy; to shift to mass transit with a public transport system you can rely on, away from traffic and clogged roads; and to create the new jobs of a 21st century economy to ensure our communities remain livable. It is clear from this budget, just as it has been clear from previous budgets, that Victorians cannot trust the Labor Party or the Liberal Party to deliver on that transition.

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MEMBERS STATEMENT: Rugby Rainbow Round

Mr HIBBINS — I attended the opening of the Melbourne Chargers rugby season for the Rainbow Round at Orrong's Romanis Reserve in Prahran with Greens Higgins candidate, Jason Ball. I was pleased to be able to wear my rainbow laces along with the players to show my support for the fight against homophobia in sport. Our footy and rugby clubs have been known as bastions of homophobia and exclusion, but thanks to the efforts of clubs like the Chargers and Melbourne Unicorns many are now on the front line of changing attitudes, not just in sport but the wider community. Thanks to Dan Syrus, president of the Melbourne Chargers and Gerry O'Neill, president of the Melbourne Unicorns for hosting me. Congratulations to all players involved.

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